It Wasn’t Supposed To Be This Way.

We start out with hearts brimming with hope and excitement. And that energy carries us for awhile, maybe even years. But one day we suddenly find ourselves like the man in the Prodigal Son story: half-dead, going through the dreaded motions hoping no one around us notices. But they do. It’s not that we’ve stopped loving God, but it’s just that things have happened along the way that have caused us to settle for a small life, one defined primarily by activity for God. We look around and sigh: It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Author Greg Hawkins knows that reality first-hand. He also knows there is something beyond that reality if we have the courage to step out and hope once more. Far from simply more stuff to do, Greg shares the necessary and doable shifts in our thought and language that lead to true intimacy with God. That’s the life of more we’ve hoped for all along, the life where everything is waiting for us!

Greg L. Hawkins
Pastor, Writer, Husband, Father

Greg L. Hawkins is the former executive pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, where he served alongside Bill Hybels for over twenty years. He currently serves with Max Lucado and Randy Frazee on the leadership team at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to joining the staff of Willow Creek, Hawkins was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Greg and his wife live in the Texas hill country with their three children.

I enjoyed a front-row seat for two decades watching Greg yearn and reach for more. His spirit inspired me! This book will inspire you!

Bill Hybels, senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

“Greg Hawkins is a man with an enormously capable mind and a deeply feeling heart. His book More will help you connect your mind and heart to each other—and to God.”

John Ortberg, Senior Pastor, Menlo Church,
and Author of All the Places to Go

I’m so thankful that as a young leader I was able to learn from Greg Hawkins. He taught me some of my earliest and most fundamental lessons—about leadership, about life, about faith—and I’m thrilled that now so many people will be able to learn from him through these pages. Greg is brilliant and kind, and his spiritual journey through these pages is a beautiful and inspiring one.

Shauna Niequist, author of Bread & Wine and Savor

Greg Hawkins has given us all a gift. His transparency and humility invite us on a journey of discovery. More is a spiritual devotional derived from data gathered in the most technical way and then processed through the filters of a heartfelt search for God’s best. Anyone who takes the time to read these pages can find hope and direction for the challenges life presents.

Allen Jackson, senior pastor, World Outreach Church

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Greg Hawkins for more than twenty years, and I’ve learned from experience that whenever Greg has something to say, I listen and learn! He is such an incredible student of God’s work in us and in churches, and the Reveal study he led had a profound impact upon thousands of churches worldwide. Now he’s taken it a step further in More to inspire and point us to the true living that God so passionately wants us to experience.

Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, president and CEO of Compassion International and coauthor of Small Matters

In Greg Hawkins’s new book, More, he tackles the questions many of us have asked: ‘Is there more to this life? Is there more to my relationship with God?’ With very real conviction, he proves the answer is yes! Filled with practical, Scripture-based suggestions, years of research, and personal anecdotes, this book pushes us toward intimacy with God. I encourage anyone who wants to experience more of life to read this life-changing book.

Robert Morris, founding senior pastor, Gateway Church, and best-selling author of The Blessed Life, Truly Free, and Frequency

When I met Greg Hawkins more than twenty years ago, I quickly discovered his passion for Christ. Today he remains a person full of zeal and zest for living a Christian life of eternal significance—and his goal is to pass it on to you. More exemplifies how preparing in this life for the next life is the most important thing we as Christians can do. This book will grip your heart spiritually, as it did mine, and your soul will be stirred by Greg’s vibrant faith and passion.

Jon R. Wallace, president, Azusa Pacific University

I’ve never read a book so data-driven that stirred my heart toward love in all my life. If you personally need a soul reawakening to long for and pursue more of the life Jesus promised, pick up More and don’t be surprised when you struggle to put it down.

Shane Farmer, senior pastor, Cherry Hills Community Church in Denver, CO

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